Circles of Support and Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Planning


You and your circle can be the perfect team of people to develop and create Person Centred Planning and more importantly help to put that plan into action.

Whether your wanting to;

Get your day to day routines sorted out so that they make more sense to you and improve your quality of day to day life.

Or perhaps your wanting people around you to have a greater understanding of your past and what you have experienced.

Or wanting to think about your future and how to work towards a desirable future for yourself which captures your dreams and aspirations

Or even wanting to find ways to connect with your local community in a more meaningful way based on your skills, talents and gifts.

There are person centred planning approaches available to help think through all these areas of life including;

– PATH – Planning alternative tomorrows with hope

– MAP – Making Action Plans

– ELP- Essential Lifestyle Planning

– Personal Futures Planning