What would a circle of support mean for you?

circles of support bullet point To be able to go out with friends

circles of support bullet point To be able to organise trips

circles of support bullet point Independence and control

Once you have thought about who you would like on your circle and why you would like them there begin to think about how you would like to invite them;

circles of support bullet point Perhaps a phone call to talk through what your Circle of Support would mean and ask them if they would like to be part of it
circles of support bullet point Send out an invite in the post to your first circle meeting
circles of support bullet point Add it as a private event on Facebook and only invite the people you would like to have there

And I am sure you will be able to think of some more creative and fun ways to invite people, something that would be unique to you.

You may also want to call your Circle meetings a certain name or title, ‘doing things my way’, ‘full steam ahead’ for a gentleman who loves steam engines.