We offer a range of input to help you get started with developing your circle of friends and perhaps your plan;

We will come to meet with you to talk through Circles of Support and how you would like yours to be set up.

We will help you facilitate your first few get together with your circle of friends until you feel confident to take the lead.  We are keen for you to develop a circle that becomes self managing although we are always on hand to give a bit of advice or to help when things don’t quite go to plan.

We also offering training courses to groups around setting up a Circle and facilitating a Circle of Support.

If you are interested in the training we can either be deliver training programmes we have already developed or we can design something to suit your circumstances.

We may have to discuss how to cover the cost of our involvement, this could be achieved through making use of our Personal Budget.  We always find a way.

We also offer a full range of training and development covering;

circles of support bullet point Open Doors for Inclusion

circles of support bullet point Person Centred Planning

circles of support bullet point Solution Planning

Please have a look at the main Imagineer website for more information www.imagineer.org.uk.

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